Greek Goddesses Archetypes

30/05/2016 - 3 minutes read

Greek Goddesses Archetypes Workshop

Workshop, 9-19 Serifos island Greece

Dear women, mothers, goddesses,

We invite you to live with us a unique experience, an exploration and integration of the archetypes of ancient Greek goddesses in the unique island of Serifos.The island of Serifos is unique, authentic and amazingly beautiful!
In these ten days we will explore the female element through the archetypes of four Goddesses. Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Persephone.

The entire work with the goddesses is a journey to self-knowledge focused on our female identity

During this journey ¨:
– We will establish an environment where women can feel security and trust.
-We will explore the archetypes of Greek goddesses of antiquity and how they affect us and our lives.
– We will connect with them and discover hidden aspects of them penetrating deeper into what we really are.

-We will work deeply within the body and through art and rituals. The whole work with the goddesses is a spiritual journey to self-knowledge, focused on our female identity.
– We will connect to our center, to our inner child – the teenager we once were -we work with our fears and illusions.
– We focus in the katharsis of the mental and the emotional body and our energy.
– Boosting our creative self-expression we will play theater, and create paintings, pottery, masks, diadems, belts, flowers, magic objects, full of personal symbols, creation, love and affection
– Promoting self-protection, discretion, completion, putting the pieces of self together, healing, releasing.
– Experience love for yourself, hope, joy, and wonderful sharing and play with other women

What relationship can exist between modern women and goddesses of ancient Greece?

The dramatherapist Vaso Papali believes that myths about the female element are means that helps in the understanding of archetypes, which operate within the psychology and personality.

They can be very distant in time but have eternal values since the myths were created to inspire back then as now, recalling the sanctity of existence.

In dramatherapy she uses subliminal myths tales, literary and theatrical works, in order to serve the function of transfer roles and situations in order to process the respective roles and situations of life.

During these ten days we will offer a safe space to explore all aspects of your inner goddess to express your needs and visions.

If you feel that this workshop is calling you join us in Serifos this summer.

With love, Vaso Papali

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